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Stunning New French Artisan Brand

Stunning New French Artisan Brand

Oppidum, an exciting new range of artisan made beauty products have arrived at Snow Flower Chic. Two Frenchmen are behind this new brand with a passion for creating thoughtfully made skin care distinguished by gorgeous features and unique formulas. The use of raw materials, sustainability and slow beauty principles are at the core of Oppidum's values. Combining master craftsmanship, modern technology and treasured 19th century secrets, this sophisticated beauty brand is simply a pleasure for the senses.

Slow beauty products are based on sustainability, concern for the environment, the impact products have on it and thus offer cleaner choices for the consumer. The mantra is: less is more, less packaging, less stress on the environment and more focus on the endurance and authenticity of the product, perhaps getting back to basics.

Oppidum offers 3 select groups in their range of beauty care tailored to fit different skin types and their needs. Carefully chosen certified organic ingredients and thoughtful processing are used in formulating suburb effective products for each collection.

• Ecorces & Graines-(Barks and Seeds)

 Bois de Rose-(Rosewood)

• Neutre Absolu-(Absolute Neutralize).

Sumptuous Body Oils, velvety Beauty Balms and nourishing Body Soaps are handcrafted for calming, nourishing, restorative and desirable results.

Ecorces & Graines is a woody and exotic blend taken from carefully pressed or distilled bark and seed extracts known for their regenerating properties. Floral notes from ylang-ylang and lavandin are added to help stimulate new cells, purify the skin and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Subtle patchouli and cardamon oils give my senses warmth and comfort.

The Bois de Rose collection nourishes with precious and essential oils to help achieve radiance and softness. An integral part of this harmonious formula is inspiration taken from trade secrets during the 19th century. I find this so romantic! Rosewood oil, rose geranium, and lavadin are selected for their stimulating, firming and calming effects. 

For those sensitive souls the Neutre Absolu is perfection to balance and neutralize overtight, reddened or intolerant skin. This is a pure formula and free from essential oils thus soothing to reactive skin. The rescue ingredient in this recipe is the darling of skincare, primrose oil known for its ability to soothe and comfort while potent white lily macerate calms inflammation and cools down the skin.

I have pleasantly experienced an assortment from this gorgeous line and my skin has regained a softer more radiant and healthy look. I find that all you need is a dime's size of product as they are quite active and emollient. Doubling the beauty benefits, I use my guasha tool with either the beauty balm or the oil as there is enough glide and guarantees my skin looks super nourished, not to mention feeding my senses with Oppidum's masterful blended notes. The balms and oils can be used all over the body or face, so for me, the commitment to slow beauty is authentic as I don't need drawers or shelfs full of unnecessary products.

The pretty white mat jars and decanters with wooden tops and stamped inlays add a chic, elegant touch and worth keeping and reusing. Oppidum is a delightful line from France and I am charmed by their alluring products that simply work- beautifully.