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Changing Your Skin Care with the Seasons

Changing Your Skin Care with the Seasons

It’s that time of year. Fall is here and the cold winter months are around the corner. You’ve happily made the annual beverage switch from Iced Cold Brew to Pumpkin Spice Latte, you’ve moved your cozy sweaters to the front of the closet, but what about your skin care?

Colder winter weather also typically means lower humidity, aka drier air, causing your skin’s moisture levels to drop. Dryness and dullness can set in. That lighter weight moisturizer that kept you glowing all summer just won’t deliver what your skin craves to look and feel its best as the temperatures fall. Just as you change your wardrobe for the seasons to stay comfortable, you need to change your skin care products for your skin to be comfortable. Skin must be nourished and protected; it needs more moisture and increased hydration…and I believe I’ve found the holy grail.

In the past, I have transitioned from a moisture lotion to a richer cream for the Fall/Winter season, but this year I was intrigued by the concept of a balm. My online exploration into the category led me to where I discovered the ultimate, or shall I say, “the bomb”  – in every aspect - Oppidum Beauty Balm Neutre Absolu. 

This beauty balm delivers on its promise of a well-nourished and moisturized complexion and is perfect for even the most sensitive skins. The formula is crafted by hand (in France) in small batches using only organic vegan oils and butters. Amazingly, it is 100% waterless – only skin pampering goodness in every jar. With a distinctive, yummy texture, the balm immediately melts into your skin. I find that just a tiny amount goes a long way. Massaging it into my face, neck and décolletage is a simple, pampering ritual I’m enjoying each day almost as much as the luminous glow.

Now for the details on the beauty benefits, especially for a cold weather climate. Shea butter, jojoba and coconut oils nourish and neutralize the skin. Pure cottonseed oil (who knew?!) with its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, locks in moisture and calms irritation. There’s also flower power – evening primrose oil soothes and increases hydration while white lily macerate provides potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action. Bring on the winter chill, Oppidum’s Beauty Balm Neutre Absolu will keep my skin protected, comfortable, and luminous!

And I love that in addition to formulating with only certified organic, vegan ingredients, Oppidum is committed to supporting the zero waste movement. The jar is a gorgeous matte white glass with a debossed wood cap – very cool.