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Wildcrafted Lavender Hydrolat

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Harvested with care from wild-growing lavender in the French Alps, this high-quality hydrolat is sure to add a touch of pure relaxation to your routine. Enjoy the benefits of wildcrafted lavender with this hydrolat, coming back in stock at the end of August. The lavender plants are picked from their natural habitat at the height of the season for top potency. Distillation is done in the traditional manner, in a copper column still, the way it has been for 100 years. Fleurs de Bléone keeps this tradition alive. 

Hydrolats help keep the skin supple and hydrated. Lavender is a natural astringent so it can tone the skin and tighten the pores temporarily. An other great tip, replace water with the lavender hydrolat when mixing a clay mask for additional skin boosting benefits.

Apply Lavande Hydrolat on a cotton round and apply to clean face and neck. Follow with next steps of moisturizers, serums or oils while the face is still damp. Lavender is naturally soothing to the skin and helps to alleviate and calm skin irritations.

Glass bottle, label from recycled paper.

Made in France


❥ Pure plant Hydrolats/Hydrosols are an ideal source of natural antioxidants and can help protect the skin from free radicals like pollution or smoke.

❥Lavender Hydrolat refreshes, tones, replenishes skin hydration and soothes easily irritated skin.

❥Lavender Hydrolat is 100% wild crafted and hand picked from the French Alps.

❥ Hydrolats are a nice option for those that find essential oils too strong or for sensitive skin types.


Spritz on clean skin or on a cotton pad and gently apply to the skin. Lavender Hydrolat can be applied throughout the day to restore and revitalize the complexion. 

Spray a little on your pillow to relax the mind and body. The scent of lavender is naturally calming and can potentially help for a more restful sleep.

Avoid direct eye area. Do not consume. 


125 ml.  4.23 oz.

Full Ingredients

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia

Distilled parts: flowering tops
Harvested in the Alps

Wildcrafted Lavender  Hydrolat
Wildcrafted Lavender  Hydrolat
Wildcrafted Lavender  Hydrolat
Wildcrafted Lavender  Hydrolat
Wildcrafted Lavender  Hydrolat