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Lavender Hydrolat

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Lavender hydrolat from Distillerie L’Essencier is very versatile. It can help several skin types and improve overall hydration. Fine Lavender is a stronger scented lavender and grows at a higher altitude. Lavender is a natural astringent, calms irritation, controls sebum secretion and helps to repair the epidermis, great for oily or problem skin! Lavender hydrosol promotes cell repair to also treat aging or mature skin. 

All hydrolats are Artisan made by a third generation family business in Monteiller, Switzerland. Distillerie L'Essencier enjoys an ideal location that provides glacier water and fresh air.

Distillation is based on an evaporation-condensation process provided by the still in a very gentle Bain-Marie system. Lavender flowers never come in contact with the boiling water, which respects the active and potent ingredients. This method requires several hours as well as careful monitoring and produces a pure hydrolat. The distillation residues are then either composted and recycled on the crops for minimal environmental impact.

Fine Lavender Hydrolat is organically produced and certified by bio.inspecta, Suisse.

Made in Switzerland. Cruelty free.


Hydrolats help keep the skin supple and hydrated. Use your favorite one instead of a toner. 

Hydrolats are a nice option for those that find essential oils too strong or for sensitive skin types. 

Lavender is a 
perfect remedy to treat a itchy, irritated scalp. The application of this hydrosol soothes irritation on the scalp and body. 

Soothes sunburn or bug bites and inflammation. 


Saturate a cotton pad, Eco-pad with Lavender Hydrolat and gently apply on the face, neck and décolletage.

Use in place of a toner to soothe and refresh the complexion and the senses.

Always store your hydrolat in a cool, dark area away from sunlight.

Do not swallow.


200ml.  6.76 oz.

Full Ingredients

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia

Organic cultivated, certified by

Lavender Hydrolat
Lavender Hydrolat
Lavender Hydrolat
Lavender Hydrolat
Lavender Hydrolat