About each brand



Arise Swiss Alpine Cosmetic is a family owned business and known on the Swiss market for over 40 years. All products highlight the Edelweiss flower as their Alpine gem ingredient and are free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colorings and chemical fragrances. Absolutely no animal testing.

Edelweiss has superlative properties for protecting the skin, is 100% natural and contains very high levels of antioxidants. Arise is also known for being the first to incorporate Edelweiss extracts into the cosmetics industry, based on the findings from Dr. Ivan Slacanin at the Ilis Institute & Laboratory in Switzerland. 
We are very pleased that Arise was the first niche brand we fell in love with and continue to offer in our assortment.




EQ is a unique line from France. The founder is a passionate world traveler and life-long surfer who respects the environment and marine life.

EQ offers certified organic cosmetics from EcoCert, labeled by Cosmebio and created from scientific research.  All products are free from parabens, petroleum, pesticides and phthalates from synthetic fragrances. Only pure, powerful, eco-friendly ingredients and absolutely no animal testing.  EQ stands for Equilibrium which signifies balance. Sun care products from EQ are coral reef safe.





La Fare 1789 is a family business founded in 2014 and is located in the sunny Mediterranean region known as Haute-Provence. La Fare is also the name of their Provencal farmhouse which was built over two centuries ago, in 1789, the year of the French Revolution. Love of life and passion for their work while using ingredients from their organically sustained gardens, La Fare 1789 En Provence endeavors to make a positive and ethical impact in the world of cosmetics. 

The products and packaging from La Fare 1789 honors a historical past using replicas of ink wells and antique bottles for their product range. Similar jars and bottles were once found in the basement of the farmhouse, thus keeping history alive.  Moreover, the products are developed with three times as many organic ingredients than what is normally required by Ecocert. For La Fare, nothing is more important than having respect for the body and for nature.

It is in this magical place, Haute-Provence, that the team for La Fare create, develop, and manufacture organic beauty treasures. All products are EcoCert certified and labeled by Cosmebio. Made in France.




Les Artistes De Nature is a family business operating for 35 years from the Provence area in the South of France. For three generations the knowledge of plants, natural ingredients and the markets of Provence have been valuably passed on through multiple generations. 
Jpôl Clesse, took his strong knowledge of plants and organic cultivation and in 1993, created his first range of luxurious organic beauty products. In 1996, Les Artistes De Nature opened their first boutique in Paris and is there to visit and shop today!
With the help of their laboratory, they develop new skin care from wild and organic plants located in Provence. Les Artistes De Nature has a strong commitment to working directly with French farmers and pickers to ensure that the ingredients used are all sourced as sustainable as possible. Each luxury product made is thoughtfully developed with love and expertise. Les Artistes De Nature's artisanal products are EcoCert Certified organic and labeled by Cosmebio. Paraben and phenoxyethanol free, without synthetic chemistry or fragrances and nonoparticles are prohibited.
The Clesse family is proud to offer luxurious skin care and wellness products that make our daily life healthier and more pleasant.
Ecocert - Slow Cosmetique - Cruelty free.





Oppidum artisan made skin care was founded by two Frenchmen located in the Southwest of France in 2017. One is a researcher, passionate about archives and old books and history. The other is an engineer with his head focused on projects and his feet on the ground. Christophe Fargier and Jean-Christophe Gaven are impassioned and determined to design cosmetic creations entirely dedicated to the respect and well-being of the skin using natural raw materials. They devoted more than 5 years to researching, testing and developing formulas using precious ingredients.

Interestingly, Oppidum is a Latin word meaning a main settlement during the time of Ancient Rome where goods were produced and traded. Oppidum design and create their products in a small village in France that dates back to an ancient town and forest. Thoughtfully made soaps, oils and balms are handcrafted with raw ingredients and based on ancestral and state-of-the-art methods, a merging of old and new. Quality standards of using certified organic ingredients and master craftsmanship are essential to their vision. Moreover, they offer a visit to their workshop where one can observe traditional methods of soap-making. All their soaps are hand cut with a sculptor's tool.

We love the gorgeous texture of the balms, immediate comfort and hydration from their wonderful oils and the modern soap reinvented to cleanse, nourish and repair. Oppidum is a zero-waste company that chooses to use glass, wood and paper, all recyclable or reusable jars and dispensers. They are so lovely you may end up keeping them for another use!

All products are cruelty free, PETA approved. Certified organic by COSMECERT and labeled by Slow Cosmetique. Oppidum is also a member of New SoapMakers. The Association of Soapmakers (ADNS) is an international network of eco-responsible soapmakers specializing in the production of cold soaps.


Artisan made Ernest Ernest is a French slow beauty cosmetic brand from Marseille. Created by a husband and wife team, this gorgeous line stays true with it's commitment to green beauty principles and conscious living. Presenting a minimalist approach, we love the simplicity of this slow beauty line.

Maurine Pelissier and Arnaud Saint Martin share the same ethical, ecological and sustainable values and have established a healthy alternative for consumers concerned about their well being and the planet. Beautifully made, all products are 100% natural from active, raw materials with organic standards and are packaged in glass containers. Each product is hand made in small quantities and produced using local partnerships located in their Provence region.

Maurine and Arnaud oppose cosmetic greenwashing and provide transparency and pristine compositions, selecting only natural ingredients loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Ingredients are carefully selected for their concentration and synergy to the entire formula.

Ernest Ernest's range of beauty products are elegantly and sustainably packaged without any plastic overwrap supporting the zero waste movement. Their choice of glass bottles and jars are classically presented and are perfect for repurposing or reusing. All products have proudly earned the Slow Cosmetique label. 





Bioflore has been committed for over 25 years to work in harmony with plants, seasons and nature's bounty. This innovative small company from Belgium has a team of herbalists that carefully researches natural ingredients and ensures a network of loyal plant producers. Being eco-conscious and sustainable is very important to the company's vision.

They choose as much as possible from local producers, but all suppliers are committed to the finest quality ingredients grown organically with respect for the soil and biodiversity. Each product is certified organic from CERTISYS, which is EcoCert in Belgium and labeled by Slow Cosmétique. Slow Cosmétique is a non-profit association in France for more ecological and ethical cosmetics with less waste.
Committed to the fight against deforestation, Bioflore supports Graine de Vie, a non-profit organization dedicated to protection and reforestation with projects in Madagascar, Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Ghana. 
Bioflore strives to offer meaningful products that are gentle on the skin and on nature, at a price accessible to all. 
We are thrilled to partner with Bioflore and look forward to sharing some of their bio-beautiful range!