Zero Waste Beauty

Let's talk zero waste beauty and necessary daily essentials. We're focusing on select products in our assortment because they have less waste and zero impact on the environment. 
Many of our items from European brands do not come in boxes. Why? From a packaging perspective, it's less waste.
The items presented are all plastic free, organic beauty and are either bio-degradable, use recycled materials sustainably made or from sustainable commodities.



Zero Waste Beauty
Organic Cotton Tote

Organic Cotton Tote


A pretty organic cotton tote bag to carry your daily local shopping. Versatile zero waste accessory that is useful and good for the planet! Botanical and dreamlike illustration printed on ecru organic cotton. From Bioflore, a zero waste, organic company from Belgium.  Noted with a label from Slow Cosmétique, Slow Beauty Movement and eco awareness.   Read more

Organic Bleuet Hydrolat with spray-nozzle


Organic Hydrolats from Bioflore are pure, natural and without any preservatives. They contain no additives and are simply micro-filtered.  Hydrosols are the aromatic waters that remain after plants and flowers are steam distilled for their essential oils. They are perfect for sensitive skin or those that are intolerant to essential oils. Hydrolats contain a small amount of aromatic ingredients, trace elements... Read more
Konjac Sponge in Pink Clay

Konjac Sponge in Pink Clay


The 100% biodegradable and zero waste Konjac Sponge. This beauty tool is made purely from the fibrous roots of the konjac plant, naturally rich in nutrients - zinc, proteins and vitamins. Exfoliates, loosens flaky skin, removes dead skin cells and polishes rough or dry patches. Pink Konjac stimulates cell renewal and cleans deeply. Gently buffs skin for a more radiant... Read more

Le Savon Bio Chai/Organic Chai Body Soap


An artisanal cold saponified soap, rich in nourishing cocoa butter and coconut vegetable oil. Scented with essential oils of cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and cloves, with a touch of rooibos, a real aromatic mixture. Produced in partnership with an artisanal soap factory, it gently cleanses the skin thanks to its richness in cocoa butter, coconut vegetable oils, and rapeseed, an effective... Read more

Organic Cocooning Pumpkin Mask


Intensely moisturizing, splendidly nourishing organic pumpkin mask. She is loved by all skin, offering a true feeling of comfort that deeply feeds the skin with vitamins C, E, anti-oxidants and beta-carontene. This blissful textured mask is formulated with organic pumpkin juice combined with biodegradable plant-based ingredients. The pumpkins are grown organically in Beauty Garden's own garden. They are pampered and harvested, hand-picked by Carole,... Read more
Beauty Balm Neutre Absolu

Beauty Balm Neutre Absolu


An Irresistible textured balm that provides a blanket of protection to sensitive or intolerant skin. Oppidum's Beauty Balm Neutre Absolu neutralizes skin with nourishing shea butter, jojoba and coconut oils. Essential oils are left out of this collection to care for skin which is easily disrupted by more potent ingredients. Pure organic plant oils from cotton seed offer a double... Read more

Organic Purple Carrot Hydrating Creme


A lightweight and silky-to-the touch textured moisturizing cream for all skin types. Organic Purple Carrot Creme is pure hydration. Sprouted originally from the garden, it's fortified with purple carrot root extract which is naturally rich in beta carotene and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and K; they are also excellent natural moisturizers! The purple carrots used to make this cream were... Read more

L'huile Corps/Toning Body Oil


This gorgeous body treatment is ideal for nourishing and toning dry skin thanks to a synergy of 7 essential plant oils selected for their draining and firming effects. Desert date palm, camelia, and evening primrose oils deeply nourish, protect and soothe dry, tight or uncomfortable skin. Grapefruit and daisy macerate improves the tone, elasticity of the skin and promotes the... Read more

Soap Mask/Savon-Masque With Porcelain Dish


A unique soap mask that deeply purifies and nourishes the skin. Savon Masque targets pores with built-up impurities that resist daily cleansing from sunscreen, longer wearing foundation, pollution and debris. Made with Amazonian copaiba plant resin that has effective astringent, emollient and regenerating properties. Murumuru, jojoba and shea butter give an ultra soft nourishing foam which guarantees potent deep-cleansing without feeling... Read more