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Wild Harvested Skin Care

Wild Harvested Skin Care

Introducing Fleurs De Bléone from the heart of the French Alps where there is a real passion for nature and wild flowers. Ingredients for their products are respectfully foraged and processed in an isolated valley, "la haute-Bléone." These Alps are part of a UNESCO, world heritage site that is preserved.

Plants that have had no human intervention develop differently and become more resilient. Wild harvested plants possess more desirable components or plant chemicals which is beneficial for use in wellness or skin care products.

There are several stages for making a product starting with hand-picking each plant, followed by months until the final stage of creating the product. Harvesting is done carefully with consideration for the cycle of plants and to other living species that depend on them such as bees. Thomas, at Fleurs De Bléone uses the traditional method of distillation with a copper column still, a local tradition for 100 years. Each hamlet in the valley distilled its own essential oils back then and Thomas continues to keep this custom alive today.

Two new products at Snow Flower Chic are:

•Cellulite treatment oil

Lavender Hydrolat 

Both wild harvested, the bottles are made of amber glass and labels from recycled paper. Another eco-friendly tidbit, distillation straws are composted.

Come enjoy ethically sourced wildcrafted ingredients. Perhaps it will become one of your new favorite products!