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Let's talk about Ernest Ernest - Slow Beauty

Let's talk about Ernest Ernest - Slow Beauty

Here at Snow Flower Chic, we love to embrace green beauty brands from France. Ernest Ernest is a new impeccable cosmetic line that we are really excited to carry.

Meet Maurine and Arnaud from Marseille, France. Husband and wife team and passionate creators of Ernest Ernest. Enthusiastic and dedicated they value sustainability and share the same ecological and ethical visions and lifestyle.

A dynamic green team, they put this same eco-responsible energy behind their stunning minimalistic beauty range where products are made by hand, in small quantities and with full transparency. They believe in opposing cosmetic greenwashing and formulate their skin care with active, raw materials that are brimming with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and of course...lots of love!

Their super skin perfecting range of beauty products are formulated with active organic ingredients that come from essential oils and nutritious virgin plant materials. 

In classic cosmetics, the lists of ingredients can be lengthy and difficult to understand and contain only a few active ingredients. For Ernest Ernest, pure, raw concentrated ingredients offer a more effective treatment for nourishing and maintaining healthy looking skin.

Each measured ingredient is carefully selected to work in perfect synergy with the overall formula. We're just a bit addicted to their deeply restoring and beautifying results. Their handcrafted blends are easily absorbed into the skin to strengthen, preserve the hydrolipidic film and ensure cell growth. Interestingly, this hydrolipidic film is your skin's own defender to lock in moisture and keep aggressors out. 

Your skin is such an amazing organ, one can see why it's very important to take good care of it.

To minimize their environmental impact they utilize local, organically grown plants. The packaging, jars and dispensers are all made of glass, 100% reusable and recyclable for less waste. Konjac sponges are packaged in adorable Kraft recycled little boxes assembled by hand.

Each gorgeous product is free from petrochemicals, palm oil, mineral oils, esterified oils, hydrogenated oils, silicones, preservatives, dyes, parabens, phthalates and chemicals.

Ernest Ernest uses a meticulous blend of 100% plant materials, cold pressed virgin vegetal oils and essential oils for their minimalistic, beauty line.

A real treat for yourself, and an investment in perfectly made slow beauty.

Labeled by Slow Cosmétique, a movement in France for sustainable beauty brands.